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New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa (New Zealand Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad)

New Zealand isn’t just an amazing place to work but also a great place to live. We can see a great work-life balance in New Zealand. Offering a phenomenal way of life with its  long established democracy, safe and multicultural society reflecting migration all around the world.

Every year, we see thousands of people coming to New Zealand to work, study and live because of its high standard of living, welcoming communities, fantastic landscapes and more. In New Zealand, we can see more of Europeans. Others major ethnic groups include Asian and pacific people.

With 30% area dedicated to National Parks, New Zealand is the most cleaned and beautiful country in the world with spectacular sceneries and landscape beauty. It has vast career opportunities, perfect work, and life balance with considerable workplace laws in the favour of the employees or workers.

Different States & Territories of New Zealand

If you are wondering where to settle, here are few different states for better understanding:

1. Auckland

2. Canterbury

3. Hawke's bay

4. Marlborough

5. Nelson

6. New Plymouth

7. Otago

8. Southland

9. Wellington

10. Westland

New Zealand Skilled Immigration

New Zealand vigorously had encouraged skilled immigration to fill the labour shortages in addition to offering abundant pathways for permanent residence. The Maori first reached New Zealand, followed by the early European settlers. The immigration policies were sturdy but in 1970s and 1980s policies were relaxed and Asian immigration was promoted. English is the most spoken dialect and hence there will not be any communication problems as most of the nation’s speak English. New Zealand’s adult literacy rate is 99%, which is phenomenal compared to many other countries.

How does our process works ?

New Zealand Permanent Visa Eligibilty:

As a skilled migrant, if you want to migrate to New Zealand. The candidate must meet the below requirements:


The age of the candidate must be below 56 years.

The candidate and the family should have good character, health and English ability requirements

The candidate should show the potential to fufill the conditions of the visa.

To register an Expression of Interest, you must meet a pass mark of 100 points in the Points System.

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