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South Africa Critical Skills Visa: (South Africa Work Permit Consultants In Hyderabad)

South Africa is a southernmost country in Africa. It has a sophisticated society surrounding an extensive assortment of languages, cultures, and religions. Immigrants coming to South Africa can prefer among diverse kinds of visas and permits based on their reason for visiting the country in addition to the time they want to spend in the country.

The critical skills visa aims to attract international talent and experience to specific areas requiring development on South African shores. As one of the fastest growing countries on the African continent with the most progressive laws more and more qualified migrants are establishing themselves here and are at the forefront of the country’s development boom.

The South African government has identified areas in the South African work force that may be lacking qualified and experienced staff to fulfil those roles. The government also realized that skills need to help grow the country and ultimately support the economic growth of the rainbow nation may have to be attracted from outside the country’s borders, and with this in mind, the Critical Skills Permit Visa was implemented.

Skilled Immigration:

South Africa Critical Skills Visa is an excellent choice for people who feel that they do not have a job that is as per his/her skill set or qualification. This is an excellent opportunity for you to work as a skilled worker in South Africa. South African government has opened many opportunities if you want to work as a skilled worker. There is very high demand but the work force is very low. Therefore, if you are skilled enough, you can immigrate to South Africa easily.

How does our process works ?

South Africa Visa Eligibility:

Candidates applying for the Critical Skills work visa must and should meet the below criteria for the visa to be granted.


A completely filled Critical Skills Visa online application form.

Evidence of enough maintenance funds to last, in anticipation of applicant's first salary payment like bank statements or travellers’ checks.

Need a signed agreement from the employer of the applicant promising to cover the cost of deportation.

A certificate of marriage where the applicant's partner is included on the application.

Medical reports provided inside 6 months leading up to the application.

An evaluation certificate provided by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for any overseas qualifications.

A cash deposit to cover deportation of the candidate and any of his/her dependent members of the family if required.

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