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Business/Investor visas  are reserved for overseas entrepreneurs and investors who will be visiting a country to set up their own business in that country or to invest in any of the industries of that country.

The guidelines, rules and regulations for getting and holding an investor visa differ significantly from one country to the other. It is vital to know and understand the country’s pertinent laws in order to increase the prospects of getting approval for an investor visa. This is where Cosmos Visas and their expertise matters the most. We play a priceless role in supporting foreign entrepreneurs who are very much engrossed to invest at international level.

Different Investor Visa Programs

Immigrant Investor Programs:

Immigrant Investor Programs are those, which are designed to draw foreign capital and entrepreneurs by offering the right of residence and nationality in their country. You can also call it as citizenship-by-investment programs. This concept of citizenship for investor or residence for his investments is followed by a number of countries presently.

Business Immigration and its benefits:

It refers to the massive amount of chances for entrepreneurs to move to an overseas country to set up and run a flourishing business. There are quite a few benefits with business-based immigration! Some of them include enhanced access to specific overseas markets,  to enlarge market existence in diverse countries and reach more consumers that allow business people to increase in their market.

Citizenship by Investment and its benefits:

Several countries around the world provide citizenship by investment programs which permit the foreign citizens to receive that country’s citizenship in exchange for making a successful investment in any industry/business in that country. Few amazing advantages with citizenship by investment programs is you will have exemption from taxes like property tax, gift, inheritance, income tax, etc.

Permanent Residence and its benefits:

Permanent residence through investment permits overseas nationals to stay in a second country after the investment into its financial system. However, permanent residence is not similar to the normal citizenship. Permanent residents can study, work, and travel in the country, but you are not eligible to receive the country’s passport and you cannot vote in elections.

How does our process works ?


These kind of investment based permanent resident programs in many countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada already attracted thousands of overseas nationals to move to these nations and establish their business and investment interests. So, are you seriously considering to get an investor visa? If yes, get in touch with our skilled professionals today and know about the documentation to your preferred country, eligibility and more information. If you apply through us, the visa approval chances are 100%.

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