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About Permanent Resident Visa (Canada PR Visa Consultants)

Permanent Residency is evaluated as an immigration permit or a visa that grants the holder to stay in a foreign country for an infinite period of time, which can later on also be converted into citizenship.

A permanent residency visa holder enjoys various benefits that are granted to him legally. An individual is legally authorized to stay and work in the country. He can settle down in the country along with his family.  It is a documentary proof stating the status of an individual in the country.

Various advantages are attached to permanent residency. The below mentioned points can be viewed as the major highlights:

1. Right of setting up a business.

2. Right to buy/ sell/ own property.

3. Access to Medical Insurance.

4. No restriction on movement in and out of the country.

5. Right to apply for Citizenship.

6. Right to sponsor people.

7. Access to Social Security Benefits.

8. Children born in the country are citizens by birth.

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Application Procedure:

The candidate has to complete an Expression of Interest, informing about oneself, skills, experience and details about family. The application is check and if the candidate has sufficient points, the concerned authorities admit to the Expression of Interest, and will send you an Invitation to Apply! It has to be filled and then returned to us along with the supporting documents.

How does our process works ?

Permanent Resident Visa Eligibility

In order to maintain the legal status in a foreign country, it is important for an individual to meet certain conditions. Permanent residency can be granted to individuals based on different criteria’s. The candidate must meet the below requirements:


You and your family should have a good character, health and English ability requirements.

Minimum Level of Education.

Should score great in exam for the English Language Test.

Should have great communication skills

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